Scavenger Hunt

The answers to the following questions are spread about the site. Enjoy!! =}



1.       Before James Meredith, what happened to Black students who attempted to enroll at the university of Mississippi?

2.       What was governor Ross Barnet's Proclamation?

3.       What happened when James Meredith arrived on campus?

4.       When Meredith arrived on campus to register, federal forces were attacked by two thousand rioters who were armed with guns, bricks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails. The violence continued until president Kennedy sent thirty thousand federal troops to secure the campus.  What was this incident eventually called?

5.       What year did James Meredith desegregate Ole Miss?

6.       What happened on June 1966 in a March against Fear from Memphis to Jackson?

7.       James Meredith Graduated with what degree?

8.       Which influential leaders came and took over the March against Fear when James Meredith was not able to?

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