Citation Page

The following are the sources that were used to aquire the information on this website 

  1. Cynthia, Rose. American Decades Primary Sources 1960-1969. Detriot, MI: Gale, 2004. This source was used to gain information on the things the Meredith did to desegregate all-white schools. It was used to find some history about James Meredith. 
  2. Henry, Hampton, and Fayer Steve. Voices of Freedom. New York: Batman Books, 1991. This source was used to gather some background information about Mr. James Meredith and his attempts at being admitted to Ole Miss. 
  3. "James Meredith." WIkipedia, 2010. Web. <>. This site was used to get information about James Meredith, his admittance to Ole Miss, and the March Against Fear. 
  4. Ms. Sanders - contacted through email. Ms. Sanders helped us clarify some information about Mr. Meredith, and also gave us some facts about the March Against Fear, and Ole Miss. 
Thank you all for your help!

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